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Sigourney Community School District

Welcome Back Letter to our Students, Staff and Community

 Mr. Hatfield, Superintendent of Schools


I am excited to welcome everyone back for the start of the 2021 - 2022 school year and hope you had an enjoyable summer. A special welcome to the students and families who are new to the district and to students who are returning to in-person learning after some accommodations. The district is happy to serve you! The first day of school for the Sigourney C.S.D. is Wednesday, August 25, 2021.


It's been a joy getting to meet so many dedicated, caring citizens, business leaders, county officials, board members, administrators, teachers and staff members. I'm truly excited to finally get to meet all of you - our great students! I would like to thank  Mr. Harper, the Board and district leaders for helping me make this transition.


There is much for you (our students) to be excited about as we return to in-person learning on Wednesday, August 25th. Our maintenance and grounds crew have worked hard all summer preparing the classrooms, buildings, and district grounds. Our new Director of Technology, Mr. Watson and our Webmaster, Mrs. Weber, have been working on updates to our tech-infrastructure. They have re-imaged and cleaned all laptops for students to receive at the start of the school year.


As Superintendent my passion has always been to do "whatever it takes" to help students feel safe and supported. Students, our staff recognizes that you have a "voice" in your learning, you have the right to feel accepted for who you are and the right to be listened to. We believe that each of you has special gifts and talents. We will strive to personalize your learning experiences by adding choices and new ways that you can demonstrate your learning.


District leadership and staff will focus on four positive culture values designed to focus our commitment and support to students. We will strive to: 1) Be Champions for all Students 2) Expect Excellence (not perfection) from Each Other 3) Carry the Banner for the School and 4) Be Merchants of Hope


Please know that your teachers have set a few expectations and goals for you: 1) Show up prepared and ready to learn 2) Remember that you are part of something bigger than yourself 3) Use kindness and refrain from bullying and harassing language and behavior 4) Study, ask questions, accept academic challenges and take charge of your learning and 5) Get involved!


The district will continue to work on environments that help students grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. It is critical that you (our students) graduate from high school with the skills necessary to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams. We also know that our schools must change if we want students prepared to meet the tech-driven employment and life-success skills and demands of the future.


We are aware that there are health related concerns regarding in-person. State and county guidelines are being vetted continually. I am encouraging you to wear a face mask if you feel it is right for you. If you and your family feel that wearing a mask is proper, let your teacher/s know. They will assist in helping you and your family accomplish this need. It might be the safest thing to do. Having shared this, our return-to-learn plan is as follows:


2021 - 2022 Return to Learn Plan

  • The district will plan to follow the Board Approved School Calendar for 2021-2022 School Year!

  • The district will plan to provide in-person instruction for each scheduled school day.

  • Face coverings (face masks) are not required at this time. 

  • The district will continue with increased sanitation measures.


Finally, I am very excited to serve as your Superintendent.  I look forward to meeting and getting to know as many of you as possible! Please don't hesitate to stop and say, "hello!" Please share your name with me multiple times. I promise to get it down over time! 


Mr. Hatfield

Go Savages!