Child Care Study

Keokuk County Child Care Study

Dear Parents and Staff,

The limited availability of child care options throughout Keokuk County has been affecting the children, their families, and the employers for years. Without exception, child care providers and parents of young children tell us there are not enough available openings in locations throughout our county.

Iowa Jefferson Keokuk Early Childhood Iowa, in partnership with the Sigourney Area Development Corporation and the City of Richland, has contracted with First Children’s Finance (FCF) to complete a child care study. The study will include research and analysis on: the needs of local families and children, the current supply of regulated child care, parents’ current and

preferred child care, effects on employers caused by lack of child care, and child care providers’ challenges operating during COVID. The report will include the key findings of the research and analysis; the county’s child care gap; and a recommendation on the number and type of child care spots that would be reasonable to meet the needs.

The research being conducted by FCF includes a survey of parents that live or work in Keokuk

County to learn about their child care preferences, along with child care challenges they may be

facing. The survey for child care providers and preschools can be accessed online through July 15, 2022 at:

If you have questions or would like more information about this project, contact Tammy Wetjen-Kesterson with Iowa Jefferson Keokuk Early Childhood Iowa at or Gary Iosbaker with the Sigourney Area Development Corporation at .

Thank you, Mr. Hatfield