March Elementary Happenings

   March Sigourney Elementary Happenings

March 1 K-1 After School Stem program (Last one of the year due to ball season.)

March 8 2nd-6th After School Stem program (Last one of the year due to ball season.)

March 9 6:00pm School Board Meeting

March 13 Daylight Savings 

March 15 1:30 dismissal; 3:00-7:00 PT Conferences

March 17 1:30 dismissal; 3:00-7:00 PT Conferences 

March 18 No School - Teacher Professional Dev. Day

March 19 PTO event Bowling with the Boys

March 21-25 *ISASP tests (Formerly Iowa Assessments) for 3rd-6th grade

* Earbuds or headphones are needed for the ISASP tests. Please double check with your child to make sure they still have a pair to use. 

Problem solving with real-world math

Math has evolved from the computation we most likely experienced in math class to an emphasis on problem solving. Computation is still important, but it is used to solve real- life problems. The emphasis is generally on math processes that enable your child to learn multiple strategies to become a proficient problem solver. Model the importance of math in the real world and encourage your child to help when you:

  • Balance your checkbook

  • Pay bills

  • Estimate the cost of the groceries in your cart

  • Determine how much food to buy or make for a party

  • Double a recipe or cut a recipe in half

  • Figure the cost of lunch at a restaurant

  • Calculate the cost of school lunch for the week or month

  • Determine how long your child will need to save his allowance in order to buy a particular item

  • Determine the number of miles driven in X hours

  • Determine how long it will take to drive home going X mph

  • Figure the cost of X number of minutes of cell phone use if you pay X cents/minutes

  • Determine how many gallons of gas you can buy with X dollars

  • Determine how many chocolate chips are needed if X number of cookies each has 3 chocolate chips

Article from; “Simple Ways to Build Math Skills at Home” By Kathy Rank, Consulting Educator